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event: loss 2k, cost 1.1307 + 1.1273, cut at 1.1258. 400k notional

Original purpose: To trade normal MACD overselling signal. First observed at 1.1342 on Friday. Second found today at 1.1324, third at 1.1311. 1st/2nd all tp with 5~6pips gain only.

Recheck: 2nd and 3rd observations already 18 and 31pips lower than first observation. Acoording statistics first up 10+pips to 1.1355 then lower to new low means very weak down trend and likely loss position, for 45% possibility.

Causes: Failed to set 1.1292 original SL setting of the 16pips SL rule, which could have contain loss within 400. Missed second chance at 1.1280 to contain within 700.

Action: next trades notional size to 400k, set SL limit as usual. loss 640 vs gain 1200.  trade as usual.


千辛万苦找到的25型软卧车的卧铺编号号码分布图,应该适用于RW25G, RW25T, RW25K,RW25B。过几天有机会去验证一下这个图的准确性。小号码的铺位更靠近车门,也意味着离转向架更近。1~4软卧铺位大概率在车轮转向架正上方,5~8和33~36位置类似以此类推,17~20,21~24很可能是机关单位预留包厢,只在开车前3天才会放票。

11.1 更新: 这次体验AC380V供电的老式直排rw25g,阜阳-上海-亳州-温州-阜阳套跑车,1~4号床铺位置在原图的33~36位置。不同的厂生产的不同批次25G还是会有细微的差别

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The creation of this site is due to my random thought on Oct.17 2018,  in which the current scarcity of independent spirit in my hometown hints me to try something different, something useful, something naive.

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